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  • Why a live band and not a DJ
    NOTHING BEATS THE ENERGY OF AMAZING LIVE PERFORMERS. Bands offer stage presance a stand alone DJ cannot provide. Yes a DJ might be cheaper, maybe slightly cheaper but entertainment is the absolute party maker or killer of your night. Trust us. - Yes - your DJ is playing that JZ song you requested.... but is he working the crowd live with a mic making them jump up and down. Are you able to get up and sing with them? That prince song? can you physically see the guitarist live playing note for note the solo - mind blowingly like his life depended on it? The best part about live music is the ENERGY. We also have very affordable options to add a DJ so you can have it all and make it a night you will never forget.
  • How long are the band's live sets?
    Our most common set formation is 3 sets of 45 minutes with 15 minute breaks in between (with playback music when band breaks). We have also had events of up to 4 sets and cocktail hour music. We can arrange our sets around your schedule. We also can do less or more and quote accordingly depending on your event's requirements.
  • Can we provide an iPod with our own playlists and play through the band's speaker system between live sets?
    Absolutely. We actually encourage clients to create playlists on their own devices - or share your playlist with us and we will do the work for you. This way the music in between our sets is exactly to your liking. Everything will be set up for you. If you prefer, however, we also have an iPod with an extensive range of party songs which can also be used – it’s your choice!
  • What time to do you arrive to set up?
    Arrival times can vary as every event is different. Louise our band leader will talk to you about the specifics of the event. We recomend at least a 2 hour load in before guests arrive but it really depends on the event.
  • Can we watch the band perform before booking?
    Most of our events are private (Weddings, personal birthdays, high profile corporate) and are often in tricky venue locations or have high security. It therefore isn’t easy to see us play unless we are playing a public showcase. Most clients are able to get a good feeling of by watching our video content, however you can get in touch to ask for additional content or enquire about our next public showcase or public performance.
  • How much do you cost?
    Prices vary depending on how many musicians you require, also if you wish to add a DJ etc. Drop us a line and we can customize your quote. Clients are often surprized at how reasonable our rates are!
  • What is required to book?
    We require a 50% deposit to hold the band, as well as a signed performance contract. Our musicians are extremely in high demand in the professional entertainment industry, (working grammy award winning artists) once booked with us they cannot accept other oppertunities and are commited to providing your event with there highest quality performance and entertainment - out of respect to our musicians and providing all our clients with the highest quality musicians and clients interested in the same date - we only take bookings with deposit and signed contract. Please note SATURDAYS are our most popular and in demand day. We do not confirm bookings without deposit and signed contract in hand and customers have missed out on booking us- because of this demand, if your event is on a Saturday we recomend securing the date asap as to not miss out.
  • Can the band learn some songs that we particularly want at our wedding?
    YES! we have an extensive songlist and you can go through and tell us the songs you like or hate. If you have specific requests not on the songlist we allow a few customized requests which can be discussed in your consultation - Additional requests above that amount are at an additional charge. (All requests must be made 4 weeks prior) We have also had clients get up and sing with the band - which is also discussed in advance. For weddings we always accomadate first dance, father/daughter - mother/ son dances. We also have the ability to customize the playback music.
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